Best Places to Live in Alabama
Start your home search with the best places to live in Alabama 

Alabama is your quintessential Southern state with a laid back and friendly atmosphere. So, it is no wonder why a lot of home buyers are coming into Alabama to find the best properties and deals for their money. Residential real estate is the most in demand form of property in the state and there are plenty of cities that will serve as a good place to invest for home or property buyers.Where to live in Alabama

Whether you are planning to relocate, buy, or sell property in Alabama, you need to focus on finding the right city to invest in. If you are looking for a peaceful Southern haven, this state is the place to be! But how much do the properties cost?

Mobile, AL
Mobile is one of the best places to live in Alabama. Popular to property buyers (and sellers.) The city is teeming with Southern charm. There's a variety of homes for sale, which are high prospects for excellent real estate deals. After all, the city is within close proximity to local amenities and sights of interest, along with a host of outdoor and family-friendly activities.

This port city is also rich in history and makes it a favorite place for tourists. Being a popular city with great attractions and a powerful real estate market make Mobile a hotspot for property buyers and home seekers. Many are referring to it as the new "New Orleans" wherein the charm of this southern city is slowly being recognized by property buyers.

As of September 2014, the estimated median price for homes in Mobile, AL is at $196,089. Prices have been on a rise for the past weeks. 

Huntsville, AL
Another popular city in Alabama is Huntsville. This city is known as the home of the US Space and Rocket Center, and it has a distinct Southern charm and hospitality. The unique blend of the old and the new is what makes this southern city unique on its own and one of the best places to live in Alabama.

According to Alabama real estate data, home listing prices are decreasing with the current estimated median price set at $213,781. This opens up a huge opportunity for home bargain hunters to take advantage of.


Birmingham, AL
Birmingham is an obvious choice as one of the best places to live in Alabama. Although one of the more prominent cities in Alabama, it's still considered as a micro-sized neighborhood in the real estate industry. Because of this, the market is highly dependent on property prices. But it has not phased whatsoever the level of demand for family sized homes in the area; in fact, real estate experts have noted an increase in housing projects in a lot of areas in Birmingham.

But still, there are more houses up for sale than sold in Birmingham. This is a good opportunity for property scouting for prospective home buyers in the area. Current estimated median home listing prices are at $229,870. And on an upward trend. So get in while you can!