Uncategorized December 21, 2022

Tips on How to Prepare for Chilly Temperatures

This Christmas season in Alabama Jack Frost will really be nipping at your nose. We are expected to sharply dip down into the single digits and reach record low freezing temperatures. It’s vital to ensure you, your family, your pets, and home are prepared for these frosty temperatures. Below are some helpful tips on how to prepare for these chilly temperatures while still having a Merry Christmas. 

Protect yourself and your family-You and your family should wear warm clothing such as: hats, earmuffs, gloves, and scarfs to help protect you from hypothermia. Also, be sure to layer yourself in clothes to keep yourself better insulted. You should consider putting extra warm heavy blankets in your trunk when traveling just in case you were to have car trouble. 

Protect your pets-Place your pets indoors during freezing temperatures. If they are an outdoor pet, bring them into your basement or garage. You can place them in a crate with some old blankets or put up pet gates to keep them out of certain areas of your house. Go ahead and place your pets up earlier and have everything situated to keep them warm so your pets don’t slip your mind. Remember, an animal staying outdoors in freezing temperatures can result in hypothermia or even death so protect your pets this holiday season. 

Outdoor Water Faucets-In these below freezing temperatures, it is essential to protect your outdoor water faucets. If you have the option, turn the water supply off to the outside faucets. Go to your local home improvement store or supercenter to purchase some inexpensive foam outdoor faucets covers. These covers typically cost less $5 each and you will need an insulated cover for every exposed outdoor faucet. It should probably only take about 5 minutes to cover your faucets. You may even want to cover the faucet with a few grocery bags before placing the foam outdoor faucet cover on to provide a little extra insulation. 

Protect your plants-Extremely cold temperatures will often kill your plants. If you have plants in planters, bring your plants inside. If the plants are not moveable, you should consider purchasing some relatively inexpensive coverings, such as  winter drawstring plant covers to provide the plant with a little extra protection from the cold. 

At ERA King Real Estate, we value you and your family’s safety and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We want you to have a wonderful time and create great memories. For more tips on how to prepare for these chilly temperatures, contact any of our ERA King Real Estate professionals.

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