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The heart of Small Business Saturday on Calera Main Street!

Deidre Garcia, Alicia Anderson, Lisa Gurino at small business Saturday

We are thrilled to share the inspiring involvement of one of our own at ERA King Real Estate—Lisa Guarino. Lisa, a dedicated realtor and local business advocate, is bringing her passion for community to the forefront of this year’s festivities, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Small Business Saturday, an initiative close to her heart, encourages patrons to prioritize locally owned businesses after the Black Friday shopping frenzy. In Calera, this day holds a special place in the community, and Lisa Guarino has been instrumental in making it an even more remarkable occasion.

A resident of Calera for over 15 years, Lisa not only conducts business within the community but actively engages in initiatives that strengthen the bonds between residents and local establishments. As a valued member of the ERA King Real Estate family, Lisa truly embodies our ethos of being “Your Neighbor, Your Realtor!”

In her recent statement, Lisa highlighted the importance of supporting small businesses, stating, “This event is very important to me as a small business myself. When we work with buyers and sellers, we make sure they are connected to our neighborhood shops and services.”

Lisa’s commitment goes beyond words; she, along with her fellow ERA King Real Estate realtor, Alicia Anderson, is proudly sponsoring Santa Claus’s fourth annual visit to Calera. Their sponsorship seamlessly aligns with our commitment to fostering a vibrant community spirit, and we are excited to witness the joy they bring to our local families.

In Lisa’s own words, “We are thrilled about what’s ahead for our historic district and jumped at the opportunity to help out by sponsoring Santa. We have goodie bags planned, festive attire, and bells ready; it’s going to be a fun day for our community!”

The event, set against the backdrop of the Calera Courtyard pavilion—a testament to the community’s growth and development—is a reflection of the positive impact Lisa continues to make. Calera Main Street Executive Director Jackie Batson shared her enthusiasm, stating, “Our pavilion is the first new structure of Phase One of the Downtown Development Plan. While there is still some finishing work to be done, we are thrilled that we could use it for this event.”

We want to take a moment to celebrate Lisa Guarino’s commitment to supporting the local community and businesses. Her dedication not only makes her a successful realtor but also a beacon of community spirit. Lisa’s efforts are a shining example of the positive influence one person can have on the spirit and vitality of our community.

Thank you, Lisa, for embodying the values of ERA King Real Estate and making a meaningful impact in Calera.

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