Uncategorized January 4, 2023

Tips on How to Improve your Quality of Life and Health in 2023!

We have officially entered 2023. Wow, another year has just flown by. At this point, you might be scrambling quickly trying to think of ways to improve your life in this upcoming year.
You might even be experiencing some new year’s resolution pressure and be overwhelmed about making major changes in your life. You’re probably thinking about how you should eat healthier, increase your fitness level, improve your financial circumstances, and perhaps you even have a desire to change your housing situation.
The reason that many people fail at making lasting, impactful changes in their lives is because they have that all or nothing mindset. The best way to actually make improvements in your life is to make small incremental changes. Below are some helpful tips on how to improve your quality of life and health in 2023.

Eat Healthier-You may be feeling like you need to completely change your eating habits overnight. In your all or nothing mindset, you pledge to never eat dessert or junk food ever again. However, this is an unrealistic goal. It is much easier to increase your intake of protein, veggies, fruits, and water while simultaneously decreasing the amount of sweets and junk food you are eating on a daily basis. Overtime, you will build better, long lasting improvements in your eating habits this way. Did you know that eating healthy makes up about 70% of you being able to reach your weight loss goals? If you create better eating habits and lose weight gradually, you are much more likely to maintain a healthy weight and sustain healthy eating habits as part of your regular routine.

Increase Your Fitness Level-You don’t want to overload on exercising excessively. It is not a good idea to go from a sedentary lifestyle to trying to workout 2 hours a day, for example. You’ll get super sore, frustrated with not seeing immediate results, perhaps injure yourself, and likely quit working out all together. However, if you start off your fitness routine slowly, for instance, you are going to start walking 10 minutes a day for a week then after that you may increase your walking routine by an extra 5 minutes a day. You might sign up for a yoga class, a cycling class, or water aerobics. Whatever you decide, you should ensure that it is a gradual process that will increase your endurance and fitness levels over time. Also, if you have any medical or health issues, please consult a physician regarding your plans for diet and fitness changes to make sure it will work best for your overall health. 

Improve Your Finances-You are likely planning to get more financially secure in 2023. You might be aiming to grow your savings account and create a budget for your household. It is vital to create a stable financial situation for you and your family in order to have a comfortable, stable life. If you invest in yourself incrementally, you will see results over time and the same goes for your financial situation.

When it comes to saving money, Benjamin Franklin said it best “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Go to your local bank or credit union and see what high yield savings accounts are available and see which would best fit your savings needs. You may feel like you don’t have the extra finances to save. However, there is always some small extra you can cut out in order to save money. Perhaps, you should make your own coffee in the mornings, cut out the pricey daily drive-thru coffee, and put the differences aside in your savings account. The difference saved will add up especially if you pair multiple small saving strategies with a household budget. For budgeting, you should consider creating a weekly budget spreadsheet that tracks how you are spending your money on a daily and weekly basis. It may be helpful to break down your budget based on your income into categories, such as major bills, household expenses, living expenses, entertainment expenses, etc. By routinely utilizing a budget, you can create more conscious spending habits. Over the long term, saving money and budget will result in a better financial future.

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