King Team FoundationOur Communities January 15, 2024

Agents of Change: How ERA King created a culture based on giving

Real Estate News recently recognized how ERA King Real Estate has become a true agent of change through the establishment of the King Team Foundation, a transformative initiative that redefined the role of a real estate company in its community. Inspired by the values instilled by founder Jack King, ERA King’s commitment to making a difference evolved into a structured and impactful philanthropic force. The foundation, led by ERA King Real Estate CEO and Foundation President, Josh Wright and PR specialist Gina Jackson, empowered ERA King’s agents to actively contribute to community development. By creating a platform that not only provided financial support but also facilitated hands-on involvement, the foundation turned ERA King’s commitment into tangible, life-changing actions. The inclusive approach of having agents from each office on the foundation’s board ensured that decisions were representative and reflective of the diverse needs of the communities served. Through major fundraisers, volunteer efforts, and impactful projects like the Megan Montgomery 5K run, ERA King Real Estate, via the King Team Foundation, became an agent of change by living out their culture rooted in giving and leaving an indelible mark on the communities they touch.

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